How To Become A Pharmacy Technician

11 Feb

pharmacy tech

If you looking for a career in a field that is growing rapidly, pays well and you don’t need a degree, I suggest you take a serious look at becoming a pharmacy technician.

You don’t need a degree, in fact this course will provide you with certification, and when received, you will be able to start your career.

We all know that many phases of the job market are being eliminated. So you need to ask yourself, just how safe is your job? You don’t want to wait to the last moment and then have to scramble to findwork. In those cases you are often forced to take whatever is offered be it part time or minimum wage.

This course is designed to help students learn the concepts needed to become a certified pharmacy technician (C. Ph.T).  Many different topics are covered in the course, including  pharmacy law, common abbreviations, commonly used calculations, and many other skills used by pharmacy technicians in their day to day tasks.  Utilizing the advantages of a self-paced course, student will be able to prepare to take the certification exam needed to work as a pharmacy technician.

Included in this course are how-to videos, drugs lists , commonly seen abbreviations, pharmaceutical calculations, sample test questions, and other resources useful in a successful pharmacy career.

This course will provide additional time and repetition to reinforce skills learned within the  included materials.  Students are encouraged to take a slow and steady pace in this course – it is designed as a 6-week course but may be longer or shorter depending on the rate of learning by the student.

If you would like to become a pharmacy technician , Click on the Link below  to find more information.

Once on the site scroll down to the PREVIEW for additional information.

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