Have a Book Published in Your Field of Expertise

Are you a professional person? A doctor, scientist, master electrician, professor, lawyer, financial adviser, real estate agent, engineer, chef, etc? Need some help getting ahead of your competition? Want to know how the pros did it?

Let’s have a look at them. What does Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, Wolfgang Puck and Donald Trump have in common.

They all had a book published where they give information and content on their field of expertise!

Why did they do that? Because having written a book on your particular field instantly establishes you as the go-to person, the expert, the professional!

Just take a moment and think about it.

Who would you likely want to do business with, the person who hands you their business card with their name and job description…


A person who hands you a professionally crafted book explaining the field with their name and picture on the cover.

Not a hard choice at all is it?

Want to know how to make this happen for you? Then go to http://aripublishing.com/blog6/publishing-for-professionals/

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