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14 Feb

free tutorialsToday’s topic Free book: Business and Website Traffic

Admittedly. it took a while to get The Underground College running. We had a number of ideas how to do it but there is a BIG difference between intention and application. Everyone intends to do everything perfectly and in the most professional manner BUT it takes a bit of practice to acquire the skills necessary to make it happen.

So to show our good faith and to thank those who have been kind enough to subscribe to our newsletter, each Friday we are going to gave away a book that we hope will help you increase your skills and further your career.

The Underground College has a library with over 500 books and video tutorials spanning a large number of topics. Because we are a subsiderary of Ari Publishing, many of our books are on writing BUT the majority are about building and marketing your internet business.

Access to these books will be made available to all our newsletter subscribers. In addition should you need information or have questions regarding a certain topic you can contact us directly at

So take a moment and sign up on the form on the right and each Friday you will be sent a free book.


If the topic interests you then download and give a read. If not, simply delete.

The Underground College’s business is to provide instructional video tutorials that will increase your skills in the marketplace or show you how to open a business of your own at an affordable price. For example: In yesterdays post we offered a video tutorial course that teaches the most widely used computer coding in a simple easy to understand manner.

It is SO popular that it has 244 five star reviews and over 7,000 students!

And what’s more, THE ENTIRE COURSE COST LESS THAN $100.00 (US)

The world is changing rapidly. Emerging Technology WILL AFFECT YOU and your future employment. Watch the video below to see just how much

As you can see, the person who takes action now is the one that will prosper in the future business world, and for those who don’t, well, you were warned…

As for the free book is title is Business and Web traffic and how to get it. Click on the link below.

Business and Website Traffic

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