Job Alert: Is your job slipping away?

19 Jun


job alert Job Alert!

Hi, voice in the wilderness here. Just stopping by to remind you that the Jobs that have been the mainstay for middle class are being phased out. In my book The Best Book on How to Make Money Online I explain why these jobs are disappearing and what you need to do now to protect yourself.

To be honest I expected a little more than the casual response I received to this frightening news. Even government jobs are going the way of the street corner payphones,

The good news is if you’re highly educated your job is likely safe. Unfortunately, most of the jobs held by the middle class were held by people who couldn’t afford an expansive, ivy league education.

But who cares about them right?


Listen. When I was downsized in 2009 I shopped for a new job for a while but soon realized that there weren’t many jobs available and the ones that were, didn’t pay enough to support my family. And this wasn’t just in my line of work, it was in many lines of work! So I started my own business and yes things were rough for a while but I stayed with it and things improved.

My question to you is, how safe is your job and how long are you going to wait before setting up an online business and creating some additional income streams?  Because, believe it or not. The job market is shrinking and shrinking fast!

Got Student loans and can’t find a job that pays enough to pay it off? I’m not surprised. Here’s the latest report in a long line of jobs that are being phased out.

If I’ve managed to convince you but you don’t know how or where to start. Then Start by reading The Best Book on How to Make Money Online, the ebook is less than five dollars. The paperback less than ten.

Click here then click on the book cover at the Amazon site to read a sample of what it has to offer.

Once you read the book and know what to do, you start your online income generating website by setting up an account with SBI. Their step by step guide will teach you exactly how to make money online and establish you as the authority in your chosen field. Here is a video that explains the process and shows you the fields that are presently making a lot of money for the people running the websites.

They are So Successful even Major and Ivy League colleges are offering SBI courses. See colleges here

And if you simply need to increase your job skills then scroll to the top and view the professions that are presently hiring and what you need to know in order become their new hire.

Seriously, don’t wait until the last minute. Take Action NOW.



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