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21 Nov


Job Training/Job Search

Like many people I’ve grown tired of government and business statistics claiming that the economy is steadily improving and that we’re on our way to a full recovery.

This isn’t true. Many jobs have been permanently eliminated along with job training

However I refuse to hop on the blame President Obama bandwagon because the president doesn’t have the power to create jobs. That is the responsibility of the private sector.

Funny thing though, following the advent of the Great Recession back in 2009-2010, businesses learned a magical thing. They learned that they could massively cut their workforce, outsource nearly every business function and for the ones they couldn’t, hire part time help so they wouldn’t have to pay for insurance or 401ks or sick leave or vacations etc.

So what does that leave us with?

It leaves us with a generation of college grads with massive loan debt and no employment opportunities to pay them off.

Welcome back to the days of the indentured servant.

Fortunately there is one last bastion of employment that still pays a living wage, provides health care, vacation time and 401K’s.

And that is the health care industry.

The baby boomers are retiring and with advancing age comes health problems that need to be addressed. And due to the large amount leaving the workforce it has become necessary for medical records to be digitalized so they can be quickly accessed and forwarded to the necessary department whether that be hospital services, out-patient care, or medical billing.

So there is at least one place where someone can make a decent living doing something that is beneficial to the community.

But that also begs the question “Where do you get the training for these jobs?

Good question, so I searched the internet and discovered a site that provides that type of training. You need only sign up and you can be trained to become a certified practitioner.

Here’s a link to their main site:

To review what training is available, go to these sites:

All employment indicators show health care is the industry that is growing fastest. So if you’ve graduated from college, or had your job outsourced, or are stuck in a dying profession then this is an opportunity for you to switch gears and start learning a profession that has a future.

Seriously, if you’re waiting for the jobs eliminated during the Great Recession to become available again you’re going to be disappointed and incur more debt. The Great Recession brought about many permanent changes and although unfair, that is the reality. The Underground College strives to provide as many options as possible for you to improve your value in the workforce. Stop by often to see what new opportunities are available and listed on our toolbar.


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