WHY you need to start an Online Business NOW

14 Aug
WHY you need to start an Online Business NOW

WHY you need to start an Online Business NOW

Do you want to know WHY you need to start an Online Business NOW?

It’s because that’s the only place you’ll be able to earn an income from by the end of this decade. YES THIS DECADE! And if you’re starting college or presently in college, you really need to understand how the job market is evolving and if you don’t adapt right now, you, like a large number of present college graduates are discovering, the jobs you were training for will likely no longer exist and you will be saddled with a HUGE student loan debt that you will likely carry for the better part of your life.

When I started this blog in 2012 it was to help people improve their job skills so they would fare better in the dwindling and highly competitive job market.

No More.


And yes, you may think that I’m blowing things WAY out of proportion and that the economy will right itself as it has always done.

What you don’t understand is that the economy has already righted itself. The stock market is doing great. Investors are making a killing and Wall Street has never done better.

So the question is, if they’re doing so great, why would they need you?
The truth is THEY DON’T! And I’ve been saying this over the last two years. The Great Recession has taught them that they don’t need human employees. With the amazingly rapid evolution of computers and software more and more jobs are being eliminated than are being created.

And finally, all my predictions are coming true AND are being noticed by the media. Check out this article from Yahoo Finance


There is an old joke that better makes the point of what I’m trying to say here.

A devoutly religious man we’ll call Bob is trapped in a flood and has climbed to the top of his roof as the flood water continue to rise. Seeing no way out he prays to God to perform a miracle to save him.

Several seconds later a man in rowboat comes by, the man doesn’t call out and instead continues to wait for God’s miracle. Then a guy in a motor boat comes by, again the man does nothing and instead looks to the skies for God’s miracle. Finally a helicopter rescue team hovers over the area. The man, still waiting for the miracle, doesn’t signal and drowns.

Up in heaven God sees the man and says “Bob, what are you doing here?”

And Bob replies “I drowned because you didn’t perform a miracle to save me.” To which God replies, “What are you talking about? I sent a rowboat, a motorboat and a helicopter.”

The moral of this story? If you look around you and see that things are getting bad and you’re expecting some miracle to fix everything and solve your problems, it will not turn out well for you my friend.

On the other hand, if you don’t already have an online business you might want to think of me as your rowboat, motorboat and helicopter all rolled into one because I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to establish a business online even if you don’t know anything about online business.

First, you will need an SBI website. Why SBI instead of WordPress the industry favorite? Because SBI’s video tutorials will teach you, step by step how to create a successful online business. All you have to do is sit down and watch them and do what they tell you to do. In addition, they also have a computer program that will show you whether or not the business you’re intending to set up will likely be successful.
I can’t tell you how many people I’ve run into who were certain their online business idea was going to make them rich, who spent months and sometimes years pouring money into it only to have it fail miserably. If they had used SBI’s program they could have seen what problems their type of business would have in advance and maybe have go on to choose something more likely to succeed.

SBI costs $30 a month and comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like it within those 90 days you can drop it and they give you your money back. They have become so successful that many colleges are presently offering SBI courses. Have a look at what they offer Here

Second: Pick up a copy of my book The Best Book on How to Make Money Online
Click on Photo

Like SBI this book takes you step by step through the process and get your business up and running without having to spend time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
Third: Pick up a copy of THE ULTIMATE SALES LETTER by Dan Kennedy. This man is, without a doubt, the best sales page writer in existence. And sales pages are what sell products and Dan explains the process of creating a successful sales letter in his book. Click on photo.

Bottom line: For under $50.00 you can have your own online business along with all the tools that can make it a success. So the waters are rising and the rowboat is here. So take action now before you’re up to your neck in debt and the occupation you trained and studied so hard for is being done by a machine.

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