Self-Improvement & Building Self Confidence

13 Jul

Self Improvement

Self-Improvement & Building Self Confidence

What I am about to tell you is a scientific FACT. So pay close attention.

You become what you tell yourself you are.

Scientists have discovered that the human brain works much like a computer. It changes according to the information it is given. For example, since I am a writer, my computer is filled with programs I have entered to make the time I spend writing more efficient. And every day you add new information by what you read, watch and especially what you tell yourself.

My late father had a saying I found very true. He said everyone in this life is given a bag of rocks to carry. And the best people lighten the load of others and the worst people add to it. So one of the first things a person needs to learn is that any attempt they make to improve their life is going to difficult. There will be many obstacles, false starts, screw-ups and outright failures.

So what? That happens to everyone.

Everyone! There is no free lunch. ANYONE WHO EVER ATTEMPTS TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING IS GOING TO GET KNOCKED ON THEIR ASS. The difference is one guy will say to himself, okay so I made a mistake I’m still better and smarter and I’m going to win no matter what it takes.

The other guy tells himself he’s stupid and a loser and gives up.

The difference between happy, successful people and sad, miserable and lonely people is the successful people understood and accepted the fact that the road to happiness and success was going to be long and hard BUT in the end they would be a happy and successful.

The second and most important thing happy and successful people NEVER DO is berate and belittle themselves. They never say thing like “I am such a loser, Everything I do turns to crap, I’m just stupid, I never do anything right.”

As I mentioned earlier, scientists have discovered that people who belittle and berate themselves ARE ACTUALLY PROGRAMING THEIR BRAIN TO SUBCONSCIOUSLY FIND WAYS TO FAIL!

On the other hand, people who regularly watch positive reinforcement videos on from people like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer and Les Brown, tend to be happier and more successful because by watching such videos they are training their brain to subconsciously find ways to win.

Some years ago my life fell apart. My long term marriage ended, I got downsized, my investments tanked and I developed health problems. I started beating myself up and things continued to get worse.

I needed to turn things around.

So I started looking into what other people in the same situation did. And it all boiled down to a change in attitude. And once my attitude changed, I was able to start learning how to improve and make my life better. And as my attitude improved I started learning how to improve my health and then how to make back all the money I lost. I made new friends, acquired new interests and started my own business.

I didn’t mind that none of that was easy. The hardest part was not knowing where to start, what to do and the skills I needed to learn.

Fortunately, you don’t have that problem. Why? Because I wrote a book explaining in detail how you can turn your life around like I did. Sick and tired of things not going your way? Want to wake up looking forward to the day instead of dreading it? Want to learn how to lose weight naturally without any Spartan diet or back breaking exercise plan? Want to see how a simple internet website can add to your monthly income and in some cases become a full time business?

Then get a copy of my book How to Start Over: Rebuilding Your Mind Body and Finances. I could have easily charged thirty dollars or more for the information it contains BUT money was tight when I wasn’t doing well so I decided to make it as inexpensive as possible. It’s under five dollars for the e-book, under seven dollars for the audiobook and under nine dollars for the paperback.

So if you’re serious about turning your life around then grab a copy and start today!

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