Social Security: The End is Near

30 Jul

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Social Security: The End is Near


Recently the Social Security Administration presented these facts regarding the present averages of 100 retiree’s income when they reach retirement age and file for Social Security.

I don’t want to sound like one of those kooks who walk the streets carrying a THE END IS NEAR SIGN but for a lot of us…It actually is.

Here’s how the numbers play out.

Of the 100 retirees:

Only one of them will be wealthy and not need Social Security

4 will be financially secure and will only use Social Security as an additional income stream.

5 will continue working because they can’t afford to retire

36 will be dead

And a staggering 54 will be unable to work but have not savings, pensions or IRA’s and will have to survive on the meager amounts Social Security doles out.

Now here’s something important to consider. You may be saying to yourself that you’ll likely be one of the 5 who will keep working until you become one of the 36 that are dead.

But… What if you aren’t able? I’m in my fifties and some of my friends have already dealt with or are presently dealing with serious health issues!

We all tell ourselves that it can’t happen to us.

The American Cancer Society statistics show that on average 1 out of 4 people will develop cancer at some point in their lives. I have about 15 close friends and relatives. Of that group two have died from cancer and another is a cancer survivor. But of those 8 over fifty years old, two are dead, one is a cancer survivor and one has had a heart transplant.  That’s 50% having gone through serious health issues.

My point is although you are healthy now, the odds of that continuing aren’t all that good. So you might want to ask yourself, do I want to become dependent on family and friends? Do I want to live with my children when they are busy raising a family of their own?

Well of course you don’t, but what are your options?

Here’s one:

It’s called The Best Book on How to Make Money Online. In it you learn how to create an online website and how to make money with it.

Simple as that.

Like any business you won’t make much money at first but as word gets around and the number of people stopping by your website increases, the number of sales increases. That’s just simple math.

I have several websites and all are making me money and that amount steadily increases each month. As mentioned earlier, I’m in my fifties. I didn’t grow up in the computer age, so I’m not all that computer savvy.

The point is, in order to make money online you don’t have to be. Almost everything is now automated and push button activated.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty (told you I was in my fifties) If you’re looking down the wrong end of a gun when it comes to retirement savings, then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of The Best Book on How to Make Money Online: A Step-by-Step Guide. Available as a paperback, audio book or e-book download.

In it I show you step-by-step how to set up a site, (actually it is almost entirely automated, you just fill in your name and the websites name and answer a few questions.) The best and most successful ways to make money with it and introduce you to people who are already very successful online and how they did it.

Bottom line: I show you exactly how you can make money online without any money, product or experience. Seriously, you likely have no idea how many companies will gladly pay you a substantial commission to have their product featured on your website.

So the e-book is under five dollars, the Audio book is under seven and the paperback is under ten dollars. Don’t put it off. The end gets closer every day.

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