How to start an Online Business with No Product, No Experience and No Money and yes, I’m serious. Step #1

28 Feb

makemoneyonline.altHow to start an internet business with no product, no experience and no money and yes, I’m serious. Step #1

And yes, it is easily doable and something EVERYONE in today’s economy should strongly consider. Internet businesses are the future and the quicker you join in, the quicker you can fire your boss and start living the life you want.

Stop… and think about that.

When I worked a regular day job I had drive 50 miles in rush hour traffic to arrive at the time appointed by my boss, dressed in a manner approved by my boss, groomed in a way my boss found acceptable, to have lunch at the time assigned by my boss, take a break during the time permitted by my boss, etc.

You probably do too.

Problem was all of the things the boss expected me to do were things I hated doing. I’m a night person, so getting up at 6 in the morning was brutal. Driving in rush hour traffic is physically and psychologically draining so I would arrive exhausted. I hate wearing suits and even though I worked at a position where I never came in contact with customers, I was required to wear one. I don’t get hungry until late afternoon yet my lunch hour was noon to one every day.

But I had a family to support so I did it, every day, year after year for over a decade until they decided they didn’t need me anymore and so I got the boot with not as much as a “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!”

Looking back I can’t believe how stupid I was! Placing the financial well-being of my family in the hands of someone I never met, whose name had been signed by a machine on my paycheck.

The company executives always said we were like a BIG family. And I believed them.

I don’t anymore. Families don’t toss you into the streets to increase profits.

So let’s get started.

The title of this blog says How to start an internet business with no product, no experience and no money. So here’s a quick overview on how it’s done. I’m not going to get into specifics just yet and you’ll understand why later.

First, you don’t need a product of your own, in fact it’s better if you don’t have one, Because if you do and something goes wrong, you’re held responsible. What you want to do is find a product that you think people will buy once they know it’s available, then sign up to become an affiliate. An affiliate is someone who gets a commission every time someone buys that product from you.

Let’s take an imaginary product we’ll call Hangover Away. This product promises to completely erase the bad breath, bleary eyes and bloated face brought on by the previous night’s celebrations within 15 minutes after ingesting. You ask for sample, you test it, it works great!

Clearly this is something you can make money on. A bottle of 30 capsules sells for 24.95 and you get a 50% commission which is approximately $12.50 per sale. You sell 100 bottles, you make $1250.00 without investing a dime.

But how do I sell 100 bottles? You ask.

One way is to place a free ad on the various free add services. It will take time and a good bit of hard work but it does generate substantial results. There are many other ways which I will get into over the next few days.

Now you’re probably asking ‘Just where do I find these products and Free ad services?’

I promise I will answer every ‘What, When, Where, How and Why’ question over the next few days but I need to stretch it out and it’s not for the reason you might think. In fact, it’s actually for your benefit.

I’ve been at this for a little while now and have learned the hard way that the biggest danger to success in internet marketing is a condition the industry calls Paralysis by Analysis.

You see, there are so many ways to make money on the web that people new to the industry very often overlook the very method they can actually do successfully. It gets like Vegas, all sparkly, shiny and alluring. One company’s offering 100% commissions on the sale of their product, another promises 75% residual income each and every month for their service. One only needs one sale for you to make thousands, another requires hundreds of sales to make the same amount with virtually no effort.

For me, I was like a starving kid in a bakery, looking around, seeing ALL the possibilities to BECOME RICH! I wanted to taste each and every one, wanted to be an affiliate for so many great products.

And that, my friends is Paralysis by Analysis. You try to learn too many things too fast and discover after a few days involvement that you don’t have the technical skills needed to sell that 100% high paying commission product, or access to the customers a specific product is designed for.

My point is that with any business, you MUST first learn what the pitfalls are. Look around. How many stores have opened and gone out of business within the last few years? So what I’m offering now are the baby steps. As you stop by each day I’ll get into more details. Show the pros and cons of each method and believe me there are HUNDREDS of proven and successful methods. And people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH using them! And where did they find many of those opportunities? RIGHT HERE AT THE UNDERGROUND COLLEGE!

That right! You want to improve your life? Get a better job? Make more money? Start your own business?

Here’s Where You Start. Take a moment and scroll up to the tool bar and click on the links. There you will see ways to improve your life

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