The Underground College: Education, Jobs and the Future.

10 Nov
 zackforempowerWelcome to the Grand Opening of The Underground College. My name is Zackary ‘Czar’ Richards and I am a novelist and a publisher. Like the great writers, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, I am also a futurist. One of my most popular books is a series called Revolution in America. In it I tell of a United States where the extremists, both liberal and conservative have won and the country has descended into chaos, class warfare and is paralyzed by overwhelming debt.

The problem is, This Is Already Happening! Look around, it’s only a matter of time before my vision becomes a reality.

But the chaos and catastrophe can be avoided. Once we accept the harsh realities of the Great Recession and what WILL happen due to new technology and the lure of cheap labor from emerging nations, we can adapt, prosper and set into motion an American technical revolution…

… but only if we face the inescapable truth that the jobs we once held and supported ourselves with FOR DECADES… are gone.

Take a moment to view the videos featured in the above toolbar. The information provided comes from highly respected sources. The Underground College is neither a liberal or conservative institution. Our goal is to advise you of present day job opportunities, chart the future and advise you of your options. Not sugar-coat a ‘Pie-in-the-sky-future’ where, if we just think positively, and trust ‘Big Business’ or liberal socialist agendas, everything will work out just fine.

Basically, we have two choices. Ignore what is occurring and turn to violence when even the minimum wage jobs disappear… Or muscle up, stop pointing fingers and start taking advantage of the unlimited opportunities provided by the internet.

The truth is you can learn to do ANYTHING on the web. Some college’s entire curriculum are posted online so basically, the skies the limit!

But where is this stuff?

Right here at The Underground College.

Over the next few weeks we are going to show you a whole new world of possibilities. Those who sign up for our newsletter will have access to FREE training and instructional e-books designed to increase your skills and value in the marketplace. Plus we feature specialty video tutorials with the best reviews and the most students, proven business strategies that have made everyday people millionaires (we’ll introduce our members to them in the days to come), software that will connect those with home businesses-or those looking to start one-with people looking for your product and so much more!

The opportunities to learn and make money on the internet can be overwhelming. At The Underground College however, we walk you through it one step at a time.

Now here’s something that stopped me in my tracks

I overheard a character on a TV show say, “Before the internet, one person had to come up with a way to solve a country’s problems, a President, a Prime Minister, a Chancellor, etc. Nowadays an entire population can focus on problem solving and come up with a solution that those in power were unaware of.”

You and I, my friends, are the people who will solve those problems.

Bookmark this site and stop by regularly. You and I have an adventure ahead.

See you soon,


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