The Underground College: Looking for a job?

1 Jun

job seekerAre you looking for a job? Not having any luck? Don’t understand what’s going on?

I do. And I’m going to let you in on a litle secret.

There is a revolution going on. Similar to the industrial revolution back in the late 1800. That’s when people started leaving their farms and small stores and went to work for growing corporations that offered living wages and reasonable working hours.

As a result America thrived. Peole bought houses, sent their kids to school, and each generation did better than their parents . This went on so long that we mistakenly assumed it would continue indefinately.

Well, the parties over. And the reason the party is over and that we didn’t see it coming is because we forgot the first major rule of business.. Always replace less effective means of doing business with more effective means whenever possible.

And thiose more effective means have arrived. Over the past twenty years it was outsourcing to emerging nations. But thats pretty much over now. Because outsourcing is being replaced with software programs that are eliminating most middle management jobs and new machines like the 3d printer that are in the process of replacing all assembly line work.

Here is something else you need to know. The government is doing NOTHING to stop this revolution in fact, most of congress is taking “political donations” to help the process along. They point fingers at people like you and call you lazy because if you really wanted a job you would find one.

Except the truth is, those days don’t exist anymore.

They fail to mention the FACT there there are 4 people unemployed for each one available job. So you’re playing musical chairs for you financial future.


But there is a solution.¬†I created The Underground College for people who needed to improve their job skills and for those who simply had enough of the minimum wage job hell and decided to start their own businesses but didn’t know where to start..

So scroll up to the toolbar above and search the opportunities avaiable. It costs nothing to look and you just might find something that can turn your life around.So if you can’t find a job, having trouble chosing a career and are tired of being a job seeker and not a job finder, check us out.

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